The Ultimate Showering Experience

The beauty of natural stone.

Wet rooms have the advantage of giving you the freedom of movent.


Pros And Cons

A lot of people ask me what I think of wet rooms and are often scared of a potential problem, so I have listed some for and against answers.




Large showering areas.


No shower enclosure with awkward nooks and crannies to clean.


Easy maintainance.


Cost can often be better against a good quality shower enclosure and tray.


You can use electric underfloor heating to help dry the floor.






Its a wet room so the whole floor gets wet (this can be reduced by a glass deflecting panel).


You cant get under the floor (but you could'nt if you tiled it !)


Can smell damp without under floor heating to dry it out.






If you are thinking of a wet room remember the installation does not have to cost a fortune, dont be sold some over the top product.

The system I use is the same as the one I used 15 years ago when started fitting wet rooms. its proven and tested and never had any problems or leaks.

But Remember all fitters are not the same.