Create Something Differemnt

Improve your quality of life by choosing an adapted bathroom specifically for your needs.


It came to my attention that not everyone's disabilities are the same, some have able bodied partners who would like a modern looking bathroom which would serve all individuals.


Grab handles and foldind shower seats can offer additional support to those who are not so stable on their feet.



Mosiac wet room level access floor.

There are alternatives to vinyl (hostpital type flooring).

More and more companies are now offering non slip floor tiles that can enhance the look of your bathroom.

Combination of mosiac for non slip features and floor tiles to create a different look.

This shows how a simple glass screen can help retain the water to a certain area.

A wall hung toilet has the advantage of being able to be fitted at a height to suit your needs.

Modern toilets like this with a concealed cistern is capable of take weights upto 400kg (63 stone) which is quite impressive !